my morning.

i was standing in our bathroom freshly out of the shower...

meaning i was in my birthday suit...

and midge was perched on the toilet seat (closed lid) watching me get ready,

which she does most mornings.

then suddenly she jumped through the air from the toilet and stuck all claws into my hip and upper thigh.

did you remember that i wasn't wearing any (protective) clothing?

and instead of being perched on the toilet seat, she was perched on my hip.

seriously. ow.

for some reason she likes to be close to our faces and will do anything possible to get there.
including climbing up our legs like we are tree trunks.

i have the scratches to prove it.

i also had an interview this morning for a promotion at my job.

wish me luck!

and now i'm going to edit photos like none other.

tomorrow i will blog about our fun trip to the state fair!

check back.

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D'Rae said...

Good luck on your interview!