date night.

wow.  what a week.

i'm really excited for a fresh new week.

i got so far behind and disorganized last week that i feel like my life is a wreck.

i plan to do a lot of catching up this week and organizing!

our schedules since we got back from christmas break have been really redundant and quite boring.

lincoln has school and work.

plus, he's playing on 3 basketball teams and 1 football team.

i know, crazy.

and then i'm working and then i have rehearsal 6 days a week, 3 hours a day.

between all of that we haven't had a single day for us to go out on a date.

finally, we got some time on saturday night.

it was just dinner and movie, but it was so fun.

we went to olive garden. mmm... and only paid $15 for our meal.

thank you, work for the gift cards.

i keep thinking that if our lives were recorded we would be a pretty dang funny tv show.

but maybe i would only think it was funny.

if only you were there.  ;)

then we hit up the good ol' dollar theatre and saw Morning Glory.

so funny.

and who doesn't love Rachel McAdams?  she is just so pleasant to watch, don't you think?

and then i tilted my head and smiled awkwardly for you in this picture.

husband looks cute as always.

it's hard taking pictures with him.

 what were your fun dates this weekend?


Jessica Leigh said...

You two are too cute. And yes, I mean BOTH of you! (Stop giving Lincoln all the credit, girl!)

W/o a significant other, dates just really don't meet par, but hey -- still fun, right? :) (at least MOST of the time...) And I actually did go on one Friday. To the Jazz game. And the actually WON. So it was good. :)

whimsy said...

cute!!! i can not wait for your show! when is it?

david-and-emily said...

sounds like a fun (and needed) date night!! You two are so cute!

brynne said...

we're facebook friends, wedding friends so it only makes sense for us to be blog friends, right?

you and lincoln really are a beautiful couple and i like that photo a lot.

i'm serious about that triple date with scott and linds!

Mandy said...

I loved Morning Glory! And I know exactly how you feel... Life gets so busy!

krista said...

I want to see Morning Glory! Rachel McAdams is the best.

I had a super fun date with a deadline this weekend. Blah! Hopefully this weekend won't be so boring!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

PRECIOUS! as always!

Rachel said...

you guys are adorable. and i want to see morning glory! definitely a date night me and the husband will be taking soon

alyssa nelson said...

i LOVE date night! especially when gift cards and cheap movies are involved. we live in b-town too... it's a shame there isn't a dollar theater here! (then again, it keeps us from being total movieheads... because we're too cheap to always spend $8 at bountiful movies 8).

Ashley said...

Morning Glory was so wonderful! Rachel McAdams is my fav. :)