a whole lot of nothing.

hello, friends.

what have you been up to this week?

have you been having ridiculously cold temperatures too?

i feel like i can't even function.

i just want to stay in bed all day.

it's "death" week for hairspray this week too, which means ultra late rehearsals.

poor, husband.

but i'm kind of mad at him because he keeps watching friends episodes without me when we are supposed to be watching them TOGETHER.

well, i guess i can't blame him since we only see each other for the first and last waking hour of the day.

i've fallen in love with clemintines this week.

they are so delicious.  we've eaten a whole bag in 2 days.

i've been thinking lately that we probably should have named midge "spaz."

she is possibly the most entertaining animal ever.
for real.

did you watch the cone of shame video?

it's like that, but all the time.

i have never ever seen another cat like her.

she is all over the place all the time.

i'm so glad we have her.

i love her a whole lot.

sorry for the lame blogging, but winter kind of does this to me...

turns me into a LAME-O!

any cures to the winter-blues?

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Nina said...

Luckily it's summer time here where I live (South-Africa), but I'm probably the only person who hates summer and loves winter. SA is just too hot... And winter time is usually too short for my taste (only about 4 months, if we're lucky, usually we can't get rid of summer)... I love the photo of your cat, Midge is adorable! Even though you thought your post was lame, I enjoyed it... :) have a Great day! :)