i modeled.

it's me!

a few months ago, lyndsey asked me to model for her.

i am not a model, but i said okay anyway!  haha

plus, who doesn't want to get their hair and make up done by enizio?

the dress i'm wearing was made by my mother in 1964.

she's kind of amazing, i know.

good thing it fit me like a glove.

it was so fun to wear her wedding dress.

thanks, lyndsey, for letting me be a part of your idea!


Lyndsey said...

Not a model? Um, what? I think you have a modeling photographer career ahead of you! ;)

Anonymous said...

Your mom made her own wedding dress?!?! WHOA! Impressive.

meme-and-he said...

beautiful!!! love that dress, and that boquet is so fun!

EJ said...

little, these are amazing pictures. i can't believe i'm friends with someone so beautiful! seriously. you are da bomb! no joke. loves.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous and i love that bouquet!

wilybrunette said...

dear lord do you look gorgeous. and that dress?! swoon.

Shelby Lou said...

That dress is amazing! I want it so bad. You are so pretty, you could totally model.