moving is hard.
we have been packing, sorting, cleaning, and moving stuff for the past 4 days.
and i decided it's not that fun.
i was fairly confident that we didn't have that much stuff and we could totally fit all of it into our new condensed home {1 bedroom and 1 bathroom, no living area.}
now, i'm not quite sure where it will all go.
but i'm confident we will figure it out.
i kind of have a huge crush with the colors of our walls.
we painted our room gray, and i just think it's so beautiful.
maybe if i ever get around to decorating it...
{it might take me a year...}
i'll post some pictures.
i know there are like a million design blogs out there, but what are your favorites?
i don't follow any.
maybe i can find some inspriation there.
also, we've been trying to figure out our current job situation and health insurance benefits and all that adult stuff.
sometimes being an adult and making decisions is really hard.
sometimes i wish you could just test things out for a while and see how they go,
and then if it doesn't really work, you could go back to what you were doing before.
in other news, you should hop on over to my photoblog
and feast your eyes on this beautiful couple i photographed.
i know i always tell you to go over there, but really this time you should.


Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox said...

ugh I hate moving! the packing is the worst! Especially the kitchen!! I feel your pain :)

as far as design blogs, I like decor8 and design*sponge. although, I'm kinda panicky about reading wordpress blogs anymore since that one virus that spread across them. =P

good luck with the rest of the move!


Kaela Frame said...

All my fav design blogs are on my sidebar...but my absolute most favorite is apartment therapy. I'm so addicted!

kate said...

jalene, you are such a great photographer! your photos are so natural and real. i appreciate photography that isn't over-edited. i really love these ones...


she is so great! she is a legit interior desinger with some awesome tips..

kitty said...

We are painting our walls gray TONIGHT! the baby blue + my white childhood furniture wasn't reflecting our 'grown-up-ness". Living in a studio apartment has caused us to come up with some pretty creative ways of storage; my suitcase collection has been rather handy ;)

As far as decor: I have a hard time getting into design blogs. I've found the best way to decorate on a budget and in a small, somewhat temporary space is to fill it with bits and pieces of YOU. Photos from your wedding and dating days, magazine clippings you find inspirational, kitschy art you scored at DI, sunflowers you stole from mother earth. Whatever you do it'll no doubt be lovely :)



Shayna said...

Can I just say that you are quite possibly the BEST photographer, especially for engagements, that I have ever seen. You are able to capture couples in their own personalities, as real people. Each couple has a different feel in your photos and each of them is different just as they are in real life. Love, love, LOVE. You are so super talented.

P.S. you kinda sorta remind me of jennifer love hewitt. in other words you are way super gorgeous.