our weekend.

 this weekend we said goodbye to our first apartment.

as we were cleaning, i got a little sad and teary eyed.

after all, we won't have a "first" apartment ever again.

then we moved the fridge to collect a couple of midge's toys
and found a dead mouse.

remember our unwelcome visitors?

then my sad feelings were gone.

goodbye first apartment.
and goodbye orange carpet.

yes, it was really that bright.

the forest green wallpaper was a great combination, don't you think?


we had some great memories there, and i will miss it a little.

we also got to hang out with chase, leah, and beck.

we just love them.

pretty soon i'll have pictures of our new room that i'm super excited about.

how was your weekend?


Leah said...

those pictures are so cute. He was in the sweetest/saddest mood! Your new room is SO cute! Although I am sad that you are ten minutes away instead of 1.5 :(

Jessica Leigh said...

Cute pictures!

And yes... the forest green and orange... the room is like a giant pumpkin! :)

mizachan said...

I smiled while reading this, I also had to move out this weekend because there are mice in the basement where I just lived. I just can't put up with them! Just plain disgusting!