happy anniversary weekend.

our original plan was to go to disneyland, but with lincoln's summer school schedule that wasn't going to work.

so then we thought about staying in park city for a couple nights, but then lincoln got hired with grand america hotel about a month ago so we decided to use his sweet discount and stay there instead!

even though we were 20 minutes from home, it was still fun to "get away."

we thought and talked a lot this weekend about our first year of marriage and how it is completely crazy that our wedding day was a year ago.
i know it's so cliche to say this, but that day was seriously the best day of our lives. 

we rewatched our wedding video and remembered just how fun that day was for us, our families, and our friends.

everything was perfect.  i can't even remember one thing that went wrong.

it was a joy to celebrate that this weekend.

we relaxed and ate a LOT of good food.
the perfect recipe in my opinion.

mostly that husband of mine is the most fun person ever to hang out with.
i especially enjoy listening to him sing along with girls on the radio in the same octave.

here is our weekend:

p.s. this is not beer.  just some yummy cream soda.  :)


and of course, we had to eat at lincoln's favorite restaurant.
discovery: p.f. changs is definitely family style.
we barely got through our appetizers.

 he's going to be so mad i posted this, but i couldn't resist.  so funny!

and of course we ate some of top tier from our wedding cake.
it was actually still good.

i love funfetti.

i didn't take my camera to the pool, but can i just say lincoln is probably the most entertaining swimmer ever.

i sat poolside laughing my face off.  goof ball.

pictures later of the pool with some stranger man inside:

such a fun weekend.

one year down and an eternity to go.

love my man.

oh!  i almost forgot.  the traditional jumping on the bed photos:


Anonymous said...

such a sweet post. sounds like you had so much fun!

Chess said...

Happy anniversary! Here's to another happy year for you two! :)

Whitney said...

This looks so fun. I like the one of Lincoln with the deer.

tifsong said...

so, i totally have been following you for over a year. and that weirds me out. time goes by so fast, eh?

happy anniversary.

i love your images. they're always so crisp and lovely, sincerely.

Robby Spratt said...

I like the Cream Soda picture. IBC is one of my favorite. Happy anniversary to you two!

Heather said...

Hooray funfetti cake! Our wedding cake was actually funfetti, so this made me smile. :) Happy Anniversary!

Brittany said...

happy anniversary! looks like it was so fun. just staying in a hotel feels like a vacation, i think.

Jocelyn said...

I love that you guys are jumping on the beds. What kids... I love it. Your photos make me want to pick up photography as a hobby! I love them!

Happy Anniversary!

Mandy said...

You captured your one year so perfectly. Congratulations!

Erin Marie said...

Oooh so cute!! Love it. You guys are such a good looking couple! Happy Anniversary!

Grandma Kathleen said...

happy anniversary! only a couple of weeks late. i want to stay at that hotel!!